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All recent changes and updates we've made to Meddle's themes and component library will be posted here. If you would like to make a request for a component or sign up for email updates, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

17 March 2022

Live Editing


Live editing is now available for all templates. Changes now show instantly as you edit your website and it's no longer necessary to save the page to preview your changes.

05 August 2021

Theming Overhaul


  • Theme Switching
    Theme switching has been improved so you no longer need to reset default values if you want to change themes.
    Changing themes can now be done with one click within Website Settings, and all theme settings are automatically changed.
  • Theme Creation
    You can now create new themes, or theme variations. New theme files can be based off an existing Meddle theme. Just make sure to include the base theme's name in your new theme e.g. 'alternate-sigma'. Theme files are located in the Theme Files collection.

18 July 2021

Nested Components


You can now add nested components within the accordion component. This feature will soon be available in other components where it makes sense.

18 July 2021

Improved Site Search


The search box wasn't functioning correctly and didn't show relevant results. It has now been improved and will pick up text from all content components and pages.

01 July 2021

Various additions


  • Added the ability to define label and placeholder text colour for forms
  • Re-structured button theming, removed links to 'branding'

17 June 2021

Theme Addition - Fade Effects


Two new fade-in effects have been added to all themes. Both effects are optional and can be enabled via Website Settings > Theme > Advanced Settings.

  • "Fade in on page load" fades the page in when loading, or navigating to another page.
  • "Slow fade in text" Helps reduce the effect of slow loading fonts from Google by slowly fading in text when the fonts have loaded.

16 June 2021

Page Option - Header Text Gradient


You can now apply a two color gradient to header text. These options can be edited via Page > Page Header > Headings > Text Gradient.

16 March 2021

New Component - Accordion


A new component has been added to all themes. The accordion is a list of nested content which can be collapsed and expanded by clicking the heading for each accordion item.

14 March 2021

New Theme - Expanse


This update brings a number improvements across components and themes:

  • A new theme to choose from - 'Expanse'
  • The 'Content Updates' component, this is the component used for changelog updates
  • The ability to add IDs/Labels to forms. This is useful to identify form submissions on you website if you have multiple forms
  • Improved 'Blockquote` styles
  • Improved 'Product Categories'
  • Improved whitespace issues with Blog and Article paths
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